Individual Lessons

Jeff Carver is an experienced trumpet teacher and provides private music lessons for students of all ages, who are willing to work hard and practice, in his Minneapolis area studio. Jeff puts energy and enthusiasm into each lesson, helping to make a positive and motivational environment for each student.

When it comes to teaching trumpet, Jeff has had great success with significantly improving his students’ approach to practicing. “If a student is struggling with range and tone,” Jeff states, “we can usually improve that the first lesson with just adjusting the breathing, air stream and aperture.” He adds, “Over time, we can make these adjustments permanent by reinforcing the concepts through a consistent practice routine based on success.”

Jeff’s students have ranged in age from 8 to more than 70 years of age. Students come from various levels of experience and playing abilities but all share the desire to improve their trumpet skills and enjoy playing trumpet.

Lesson Times

Various times are available for lessons. Lessons are 60 minutes long and run approximately every other week. Availability is very limited. Contact Jeff for more information.

Here’s What Students and Parents are Saying
About Lessons with Jeff Carver:

His enthusiasm is contagious! My son finally practices like he should…and loves it!!
Robert C.
When Jeff is teaching, I find myself understanding his concepts and can help relate them to my child at home.
Becky A.
Jeff takes personal interest in my child’s success. We are not just another lesson like with some teachers.
Steven B.
When Jeff can, he takes extra time with his students to make sure they are successful. My daughter had a special audition on Monday and was really nervous. Jeff made time at the last minute on a Sunday afternoon to work with her so she would be more confident on her audition materials.
Thersa K.

School Clinics & Guest Appearances

Creating an ideal blend of practical “Band Clinic” information and music entertainment, Jeff Carver provides his unique approach to music education and concert fun to your students! Jeff brings his entire live music system and creates a “LIVE, mini concert” atmosphere…performing and discussing practice fundamentals, making a living as a musician, and other relevant topics, depending on audience age and instruments represented. Clinics typically last an hour.

Following the clinic, Jeff is available to teach private lessons at an additional cost. For clinic and private lesson costs, contact Jeff directly.

According to Jeff — “When I was a young student and a clinician came in, I was always blown away by their abilities and their concepts! These were celebs like Doc, Maynard, Clark Terry, Bud Brisbois, etc… who I saw on TV and heard on the radio or on records. Not in all cases, but in many, school clinics have become “old hat” to many students and teachers, featuring “unknown” performers or studio types who do these types of things “on the side”. A solo player, demonstrating the extremes of their instrument in order to generate a response from the audience, has replaced the “theater” of presenting clinic information in an interesting and passionate way. My clinics combine my passion for music and performing with the enthusiasm I have for teaching…resulting in a presentation that the student, no matter what age, instrument, or ability level, will never forget.”

Call Jeff to discuss how a school clinic can be an incredible inspiration for your students, at a cost you won’t want to pass up!

Jeff is also available to perform with your Concert Band, Jazz Ensamble, or Marching Band!

Here’s What They’re Saying About Jeff Carver’s
School Clinics:

Thanks for coming out to Big Lake! It was a GREAT day and such an awesome learning experience for the kids! I am sure we will try to have you come out again. You did a great job! By the way, you made the local paper:) Thanks again and all the best!
Paula Rebelein, Big Lake Middle School
THANK YOU for your willingness to share you knowledge with our students.  It was a great day and the students learned a lot!!  I had the 7th grade complete an end of the quarter test/reflection and one of the questions was to  list a highlight from 2nd quarter….and you were listed for many:-)  You did a super job of interacting with and relating to the students!! We would love to have you back again next year to put together another  fantastic presentation for the students…we are so very appreciative!!
Heidi Olson, Big Lake Middle School
Jeff did a great job with the brass clinics at our school.  The content he covered was extremely valuable and his enthusiasm makes it rewarding and exciting for the students.
Jerald Ferdig, Director of Bands, Rockford High School